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6:46 am - Sunday March 26, 2017

Maserati Quatroporte Wallpapers 2013

Maserati Quatroporte Wallpapers 2013 – The flagship Maserati Quattroporte is larger, lighter, more luxurious and more practical than the globally acclaimed car it replaces. With a 307km/h (191 mph) top speed, it’s also as fast as most two-door supercars.

The sixth-generation Maserati Quattroporte delivers a leap forward that not only sets the high-technology tone for Maserati’s upcoming new-model onslaught, but also remains faithful to Maserati’s long history in luxury sports saloons.

The powerful engine and the large cabin at the core of the Maserati Quattroporte’s design, dominated by a long, powerful nose and a concave Trident grille, provide a clear link to both the outgoing Quattroporte and the GranTurismo. Even with all of its new technology, the new Quattroporte remains true to Maserati’s roots. Its V8 twin turbo makes it not only the fastest four-door Maserati ever built, but also the most powerful and the most fuel efficient.

The direct-injection engine family will boast a 3.8-litre V8 and a 3.0-litre V6, both of which are all new, twin turbo charged, designed by Maserati Powertrain and assembled by Ferrari at Maranello.

The 3.8-litre V8 engine provides Maserati’s new performance benchmark, reaching 100km/h in just 4.7 seconds and achieving a 307km/h (191 mph) top speed. It is 20km/h faster than the Maserati Quattroporte Sport GT S and delivers up to 200Nm more torque as well. The V6 twin turbo doesn’t lack in performance, either, reaching 285km/h (177 mph).

Maserati has been considered a master of sports saloon design from the day the original 1963 Quattroporte became the first automobile to blend speed and luxury with four doors. A powerful engine and a large cabin are at the core of the Maserati Quattroporte’s design, dominated by a long, impressive nose with its short overhang. The flagship 3.8-litre V8 engine is a perfect representation of Maserati’s performance tradition combined with a 20% reduction in emissions. It is almost a litre smaller in capacity than the 4.7-litre V8 in the Quattroporte Sport GT S, yet this is more than countered through twin turbo charging and direct fuel injection to deliver 18% more power and 39% more torque.

The engine produces 390kW (530 hp) of power at 6800rpm and accompanies this with 650Nm of torque from 2000rpm to 4000rpm.

This maximum normal torque figure can be overboosted to 710 Nm from 2250rpm to 3500rpm.

The new V8 engine is boosted by two small parallel twin-scroll turbines, (one for each bank of four cylinders), which provide the high performance expected of a Maserati engine while reducing inertia. Maserati Powertrain focused on integrating the turbine housing into the exhaust manifold for a compact, light-weight solution. Each turbocharger is fed by its own air-to-air intercooler. The Quattroporte has two intercoolers, each mounted low and wide of the main radiators to catch a constant supply of fresh, cool air.

The engine also uses a state-of-the-art ECU, with integral high-speed processors, which handle an array of shifting functions in real time. Maserati Powertrain has also switched to on-demand ancillaries, with a variable displacement oil pump that works under electrical control for improved consumption and performance.

It also uses an innovative, computer-controlled alternator, which monitors the vehicle’s electricity consumption and manages the alternator’s workload to suit. The engine also operates in both Normal and Sport modes, along with Manual versions of either mode, operated by elongated shift paddles fixed to the steering column. The new Quattroporte also introduces the I.C.E. (Increased Control and Efficiency) strategy, a function aimed at reducing consumption, emissions and noise. It is a user-select strategy and delivers a softer throttle pedal response for smooth driving, cancels the turbocharger’s overboost function and keeps the exhaust’s Sport flaps closed until 5000rpm. It also adjusts the gearshifts to make them softer and slower and reduces torque at each gear’s take-up point.

Besides delivering the Maserati Quattroporte’s peak fuel efficiency figure, the I.C.E. mode is also very useful for driving on low-grip surfaces.

Source - netcarshow.com

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