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4:05 am - Monday March 27, 2017

Maserati Ghibli 2014 Wallpapers

Maserati Ghibli 2014 Wallpapers – In its 99-year history, Maserati has arguably never made a vehicle as important as this all-new Ghibli.

Of course, there have been countless styling breakthroughs, mechanical advances and technical innovations, but no single passenger car has been required to bear the weight of the Italian company like its brand-new sport sedan. If the Ghibli succeeds, Maserati will welcome tens of thousands of new customers and, most importantly, celebrate a rekindled relationship with demanding North American buyers. If the Ghibli fails – well, the truth is, nobody has written an option for failure.

Maserati officially introduced the Ghibli at the Shanghai Motor Show earlier this year, promising a driver-focused sedan that was smaller and more agile than its redone Quattroporte flagship, one capable of battling BMW, Audi and Mercedes-Benz in quality, performance and most importantly, price.

After months of staring at the pictures and poring over the specifications, it’s finally time to drive it. To end the speculation, I boarded a new 747-8 and flew one-third of the way around the world to land in beautiful Tuscany. My task? Put the all-new sport sedan with a heart built by Ferrari through its paces on Europe’s demanding asphalt.

If you think you’ve heard the name Ghibli before, your mind isn’t fooling you. Ghibli (translated as “Mediterranean wind”) is one of the Italian automaker’s classic names. It was first attached to a two-door coupĂ© and spider model in 1967, enjoying a seven-year run. After a two-decade absence, its second debut was in 1992 attached to a coupĂ© that was in production for five years. The new-for-2014 Ghibli sedan is the second resurrection of the name, but a big departure from its predecessors. The new model is larger in nearly every dimension, with more power and optional all-wheel drive. It is also the first Maserati to offer a diesel option (but not in the North American market, for now).

As speculated, the Ghibli is based heavily on the flagship Maserati Quattroporte, which is also brand-new. The two cars share brakes, steering, suspension and plenty of interior hardware. They also share the marque’s new turbocharged V6 and associated drivetrain. All told, the automaker says the two have “45 to 50 percent” parts commonality. Technically speaking, the Ghibli is built on the new E-segment platform from Fiat that will be shared with an upcoming Alfa Romeo and the future Chrysler 300 and Dodge Charger. It will also serve as the bones for the next-gen Maserati GranTurismo.

The chassis of the Ghibli sedan is mostly steel, but the front clip is built around an aluminum casting with a reinforced cross-strut to save weight and add rigidity. Further weight savings are achieved with a cast magnesium dashboard frame and lightweight aluminum alloy skins on all four doors and the hood. Maserati says the standard Ghibli (3,950 pounds) has perfect 50/50 weight distribution. The slightly heavier all-wheel-drive Ghibli Q4 (4,125 pounds) is calculated at 51/49 percent.

Source - autoblog.com

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Maserati Ghibli HotMaserati Ghibli 2014 Hot

Maserati Ghibli 2014Maserati Ghibli 2014 Sexy

Maserati GhibliMaserati Ghibli Sexy

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