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3:01 pm - Saturday March 25, 2017

Lamborghini’s Riva Aquarama Speedboat

Lamborghini has been known to create wild vehicles on land but what about the water? Although brand enthusiasts alike where aware of Ferruccio Lamborghini’s Riva Aquarama speedboat, no one knew where is resided after the passing of its owner in 1993. It was finally found and restored by a Dutch River collector who had it brought back to its original condition by Riva World, world-renowned specialists in the restoration of Riva boats.

Work like this does not happen overnight, rather it took about three years, with frequent trips to and from Italy for the owner of the Dutch Riva company (Sandro Zani) researching details on the boat. This included trips to the Ferruccio Lamborghini Museum to see the original Riva in order to conduct a thorough and accurate restoration.

During the three-year restoration, the wooden hull was repaired, sanded and no less than 25 coatings were applied. The interior was completely redone with the seats reupholstered in the Riva design, buttons and switches were brought back to life along with the chrome parts.

But best of all, the engine was also replaced with two 350hp 4.0L Lamborghini V12 engines from the automakers first car ever made: 350 GT. This new engine makes this the fastest Aquarama in the world with a total of 700hp.

The splendid speedboat featured here is a unique Aquarama built by Italian firm Riva 45 years ago. It was commissioned by Lamborghini founder Ferruccio Lamborghini and was the fastest Aquarama ever built by Riva. Thanks to its dual power sources, a pair of Lamborghini 4.0-liter V-12s, good for 350 horsepower each, the unique Aquarama could reach speeds of up to 48 knots (55 mph), around 8 knots (9 mph) more than the regular V-8 versions.

For years the runabout was stashed away in the corner of a boatyard, hidden under an old tarpaulin shortly after the death of Mr. Lamborghini in 1993. Fortunately, a Riva collector based in the Netherlands eventually tracked it down and then hired Riva-World to restore it.

It would take three whole years to complete the restoration process, but now this splendid piece of maritime and automobile history is ready to cast off once again.

Part of the reason it took so long to restore was that its current owner wanted the boat to look exactly as it did when first presented to Mr. Lamborghini 45 years ago. During the process, Sandro Zani, owner of Riva-World, traveled to Italy on a regular basis to find out information on the boat, including visiting the Ferruccio Lamborghini Museum.

“One of the two original engines from the Riva can still be seen in the Ferruccio Lamborghini Museum in Italy, but unfortunately wasn’t available for sale for this project,” explains Zani. “That is why we bought two other V-12 engines, one of which in the U.S., and converted them so they would be fully suitable for use in a boat.”

Zani also spoke with Lino Morosini, a Riva engineer who worked on the unique Aquarama all those years ago, as well as the late Bob Wallace, a long-time Lamborghini test driver and close associate of Ferruccio Lamborghini.

Source - europeancarweb.com, motorauthority.com

Lamborghini's Riva Aquarama Speedboat

Lamborghini's Riva Aquarama Speedboat

Lamborghini's Riva Aquarama Speedboat

Lamborghini's Riva Aquarama Speedboat

Lamborghini's Riva Aquarama Speedboat

Lamborghini's Riva Aquarama Speedboat

Lamborghini's Riva Aquarama Speedboat

Lamborghini's Riva Aquarama Speedboat

Lamborghini's Riva Aquarama Speedboat

Lamborghini's Riva Aquarama Speedboat

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