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3:03 pm - Saturday March 25, 2017

Electric Motorcycle Transformer

The young Canadian Benjamin Gulak, visiting China, understood by looking at the clouds dashing young men on bikes roaring and chadyaschie, something must be done. Here’s the result of this design ideas electric motorcycle transformer.

fastest way to deliver mail or courier goods in a tough urban traffic is a motorcycle.
Just as Transformer, a new tool Uno III Streetbike or short U3, can be converted at the click of a button from a conventional motorcycle in vehicle movements such as unicycle.

Driven by an electric motor, the new bike has two parallel rear wheels and one front wheel that can develop between the rear wheels and it turns into a single-wheel, which can even fit in the elevator.

In the unfolded state of the bike can reach speeds of up to 50 km per hour. It can go from 50 to 55 miles on a full charge its battery fully charged which requires 3 to 4 hours.
This electric folding bike designed by the idea of a young Canadian investor Benjamin Gulak. Four years ago, he was with his father on a business trip to Asia when he visited China and proposed as a means for solving the smog-filled cities of China.

Benjamin witnessed the incredible pollution in Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong, most of which is made ​​with smoky two-stroke scooters and motorcycles, he realized that the only electric vehicle can solve this problem.

When he returned home, he made ​​his dream to create a unique electric vehicle that would replace the scooter and motorcycle.

U3 has a high-tech giroskopichnuyu balancer. It can move in two different modes.

mode 1. Moving to the two rear wheels. The front wheel is folded at this point between the two rear wheels. This folded U3 is very compact and maneuverable. It can literally play up between the cars standing in a traffic jam. Travel speed is low.

mode 2. Moving on all three wheels. The front wheel shall be made ​​in advance. A stable three-wheeled bike that can reach up to 50 km per hour.

Now this bike is produced at BPG Motors in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and costs about 8000 dollars.

Source - crazys.info


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