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3:00 pm - Saturday March 25, 2017

BMW MT58 Concept

o, what you’re looking at is not a BMW from 30 years in the future, but it is instead the latest creation by Lebanese designer Maher Thebian and dubbed the BMW MT-58 Concept.

Featuring bodywork like no other car on the market, the MT-58 pushes the boundaries of what’s technically possible, with its minimalistic front bumper/splitter seemingly floating in mid-air. As a result of this small bumper, the front wheels can be see prominently hiding underneath the sweeping hood and high wheel arches.

In traditional BMW style, the MT-58 Concept features the brand’s famous kidney-style front grille with just two high-powered headlights completing the front of the car.

The MT-58 Concept then features a glass-canopy roof not too dissimilar to the Pagani Huayra’s, as well as two small wing mirrors seemingly holding small rear-view cameras like the original Porsche 918 Spyder Concept.

Thanks to Maher Thebian for letting us share his work! After releasing images of Maher Thebian’s stunning BMW MT-58 Concept Car, the designer was flooded by requests to release additional renderings of the supercar, and Maher has done just that.

The following images provide an overall look at the MT-58 Concept and give us our first clear look at the car’s side, rear end and roof.

Unsurprisingly, the tail of the MT-58 is just as outlandish and aggressive as the front, and features a very similar bumper to the front which has been suspended over the rear wheels provide a perfect view of the massive rear tires like nothing else this side of an open-wheeled racer.

The car then features two large exhausts configured in a similar shape to the small, kidney-inspired front grille, as well as two suspended rear spoilers, reminiscent of the first generation Pagani Zonda.

Source - gtspirit.com

BMW MT58 Concept Car

BMW MT58 Concept Car

BMW MT58 Concept Car

BMW MT58 Concept Car

BMW MT58 Concept Car

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