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4:08 am - Monday March 27, 2017

Audi A5 Wallpapers

Audi A5 Wallpapers – Audi A5 (internally designated Typ 8T) is a coupĂ© produced by the German automobile manufacturer Audi since 2007. It is the coupĂ©, cabriolet, and five-door fastback versions of the fourth generation (B8) Audi A4 saloon and estate models.

The RS5 has finally made it to America. It’s only the fourth Audi with the RS-designation to make it here with the company’s top shelf hardware, and it’s hard to underestimate what this car means to the quattro faithful. After all, Audi made its postmodern sporting bones by introducing a powerful all-wheel-drive four-seat coupe to a world that didn’t know how badly it needed one. Now, a few decades on, the RS5 has been worked over thoroughly by Audi’s quattro GmbH and shows every sign of melding the scrappy spirit of the original quattro to the body of a contemporary sports coupe. Which is, of course, what everyone’s really hoping for.

The exterior styling is quietly striking. Audi fives don’t have the most arresting shape, just decently clean lines, but the RS has subtle fender flares, bigger engine and brake vents, honeycombed grille, a front splitter and rear diffuser, and oval exhaust finishers, all of which give the car a more aggressive and, frankly, more complete appearance than the A- or S5. It adds up to a small but noticeable difference that extends to the wheels, where up front, 14.4″ waveform rotors sit behind 19″ standard ten-spoke wheels married to what are, if you’ll indulge it, the prettiest wheel hubs we’ve seen in quite awhile. Ceramic front brakes are available for the usual breathtaking sum ($6000 in this case) as are the five-spoke 20-inch wheels we quite liked on our test car.

But even if the RS5 makes speed easily, is that a departure from classic quattro tradition? Well, we don’t recall anyone claiming that the first cars became instant classics because they made driving harder. It’s not a question we can answer here; for that we’ll need a seasoned expert. For now, it’ll have to do that the RS5 is an utterly capable, trackable, and enjoyable car, priced competitively with its competition while still being, delightfully, a thing unto itself.

Buoyed by the success of its RS 4 range, Audi has turned up the heat with its RS 5. It’s also learned much in recent years, and with the critics now warming to the various S and RS models, it’s clear that Audi has rediscovered that ability to make engaging performance models after a long time in the wilderness.

You only get one shot with the RS brand. Audi has been clever not to flood the market, which means there’s only one model at a particular time. With the RS 4 making way for the RS 5, evolution of the sub-brand has led to a gradually more polish product.

Using its A5 as the base vehicle, Audi has transformed its popular coupe into a Porsche-baiting high performance car. The firm’s S5 previously hinted at the car’s potential, but packing a 444bhp V8 the RS 5 moves the game on by a substantial margin.

And this is no straight-line missile. Audi has learnt plenty from the press and customer feedback of its recent offerings, plus there’s a lot of evidence to suggest that its engineers have rediscovered how to make a great handling sports car. The RS 5, with its intelligent quattro all-wheel drive system, adjustable suspension and that V8 engine, is a convincing package.

Visually it’s a subtle change over the lesser S5, itself a surprisingly restrained performance car. The RS 5′s bodykit is modest, although the active boot spoiler does give the game away at speed. Refreshingly, the RS 5 is no one trick pony, and proves to be versatile performance machine. The coupe bodystyle is a practical one, while the car’s ability to cover ground rapidly with little effort adds to its all-rounder appeal.

Source - roadandtrack.com, theaa.com

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Audi RS5 Front

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